Things to Do: June

Keep them learning this summer! Enjoy summer with these free summer units, free eBooks, and great summer-themed finds!

  1. Learn about the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (June 2).
  2. Read through a series of favorite Robinson Crusoe-themed books.
  3. Sail up the St. Lawrence River with Cartier (June 9).
  4. Take a trip up the Gateway Arch and explore arches {free unit study} (June 10).
  5. Visit Virginia (June 12).
  6. Kick off summer by enjoying “Casey at the Bat”!
  7. Celebrate Flag Day (June 14).
  8. Pull from these 12 ways to keep your children learning over the summer!
  9. Learn water safety with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (June 16).
  10. Explore the extreme with NASA!
  11. Learn more about the War of 1812 (June 18).
  12. Keep ’em learning with this fun series!
  13. Do something special for a dad on Father’s Day (June 18).
  14. Discover with Blaise Pascal {free unit study} (June 19).
  15. Observe the birds with Emily Dickinson.
  16. Travel the state of Maryland (June 20).
  17. Combat brain drain with these 7 easy summer learning strategies!
  18. Stand at Little Bighorn with Custer (June 25).
  19. Help your children keep up with math this summer.
  20. Learn how World War I began (June 28).
  21. Pass along these 6 free summer reading titles for young ladies.
  22. Learn more about the creation of Indian Territory (June 30).
  23. Download these free eBooks {and go-alongs!}:
  24. Do something for Mom this summer.
  25. Make use of these great finds:
  26. Get fired up and ready for the new year with our Summer School for Mom series.

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Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month
Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month

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