Celebrate 100 Days of Learning {Free Download}

“Celebrate 100 Days of Learning” is a free download from MensaForKids.org that actually includes 50 activities related to the 100 theme: The activities may be given to the students for individual self-guided work, or they may be taught in a classroom or a home-school setting…. Assessment strategies and rubrics are included. Examples include: Line upContinue reading “Celebrate 100 Days of Learning {Free Download}”

4 Things You Need to Know to Educate Your Children

Education at its best is an impartation of knowledge, skills, and values. But that is just the beginning. It is also an implantation of the ability to teach oneself, to understand what is known — and what is yet to learn — and where to look for it. It is also by design, and thereforeContinue reading “4 Things You Need to Know to Educate Your Children”

10 Tips for Living on One Income While Homeschooling

We know first-hand that living on one income while homeschooling can be a challenge. But where there is a will there is a way! Here are our 10 tried-and-true tips for making it happen: 1. Stick to your budget. We have operated on a budget since nearly the beginning. It started before we had childrenContinue reading “10 Tips for Living on One Income While Homeschooling”

5 Books to Read over the Holidays

Each year through our weeks off during the Christmas break, I read several inspiring home-educating-related books to stay creative and motivated. Time alone spent educating ourselves makes us better teachers and mentors, and the breaks we incorporate in our schedules provide the time to read deeply — instead of peeking in here and there betweenContinue reading “5 Books to Read over the Holidays”

20 Tips for Staying Organized

Today we are constantly hit with streaming, flashing, fast-paced content that tends to leave us distracted and anything but organized. Here are 20 tips for staying organized — but this is not your ordinary let’s-get-organized list…. Obviously, discipline is one key to staying organized. When it comes to getting organized, this is the area thatContinue reading “20 Tips for Staying Organized”

20 Easy Ways to Save Money Around the Home

Most homeschool families are one-income families.  In many cases the family runs a small business or Dad is self-employed.  Many homeschool families watch their pennies.  Here are our tried and tested top 20 easy ways to save money around the home: Make a budget. Knowing how much you have to spend (or not) tends toContinue reading “20 Easy Ways to Save Money Around the Home”