Language Arts the Natural Way

Language Arts the Natural Way

Sometimes in the interest of “doing it right” we needlessly complicate simple things. One of these simple things is language arts — practicing the art of using the English language. This is one area where the curriculum can balloon out of control, exceeding not only our budget, but also our time — with spelling classes, vocabulary classes, grammar classes, writing classes, and Latin or a class or two covering Latin roots. Enter language arts the natural way!

In this series we cover the basic elements of a natural approach to learning language arts. Yes, at some point a grammar course or two may be in order. A child who has trouble spelling may need some extra attention in that area. But by providing each child with a natural foundation, even remediation will be greatly simplified — focusing on what is needed rather than throwing the kitchen sink at it.

And perhaps it needs mentioning, though it is hopefully obvious — to learn to write, a child needs to write! Therefore, when a child reaches the stage of being comfortable with a pencil, he writes something EVERY day.

With that background in mind, here are four elements that work together to create good writers and communicators:

Language Arts the Natural Way: Copying

As he is copying, he is learning a variety of writing skills — spelling, grammar, mechanics, and how to correctly form sentences, phrases, and cohesive thoughts.