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You want to “Do It Yourself” when it comes to providing a unique education for your children — bend education to fit your child.  But when you’re in the trenches it can be hard to find time to pull together the resources you need.  We have been there, done that!  Oftentimes “flying by the seat of our pants” when we left a standard published curriculum, and yet always being dissatisfied following the book instead of the child!

At DIY Homeschooler we have the time and a heart for providing encouragement and resources to those homeschool handy-moms paving their own way. Here you’ll find resources and solutions to help you “do-it-yourself” when it comes to tutoring your children.

To make it easier, we look at the wide array of things we would like our children to learn, and we divide them into skill subjects and content subjects.


Bible study tools and resources.


Reading is the foundation for every other area of learning as well as the development of other skills such as thinking, researching, and writing.


Think of writing as the vehicle for all of the various aspects of what we call “Language Arts.”


Research, math, knowing how to learn — these are foundational skills in today’s world!


As reading, writing, and thinking skills are well on their way to being developed, they can be applied to any area  of knowledge — what we call “content subjects” such as art, history, and science prior to the math skills coming along.


How-to guides and other helps for tutors.


Sometimes you just need to know someone understands. We’ve been there.


We love learning, and our adult children continue to be lifelong learners. We believe that students need the time and space to learn things on their own — to own them. If you are just getting started check out our Get Started page for more on natural learning methods, ways to simplify, and tutor helps.

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