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If you have spent much time at our site, you will likely be familiar with Alfred P. Morgan. The man was rather a genius in his day. While many of his books had more to do with electronics and wireless devices, he was also into model airplanes. Model Flying Machines will be another hands-on guide for young investigators this summer!

Subtitled How to Build and Fly Them, the book is a great introduction to aeronautics:

The construction of model aeroplanes is essentially simple and for those wishing to experiment it is an ideal method of gaining practical knowledge of the new science of aeronautics.

Aside from the utilitarian standpoint, there is another aspect hardly second or less important. A well balanced little machine which will leave the hand and soar away under its own power is a source of fascination and delight not only to its maker, but to the spectators of the flight as well.

This little volume has been planned to present the material it contains in such a manner that it will aid the judgment of the experimenter and assist him in developing his own ideas. To make it of immediate value to the novice a number of detailed plans for building various machines have been included. For the greater part these machines have been designed rather to fly greater distances than to appear like some man carrying prototype.

Morgan was an advocate of doing as the path to knowing. In that regard, you will find the following encouragements:

  • Understanding (by experiment and illustration) basic elements of flight.
  • Plans.
  • Materials.
  • The framework.
  • Motive power options.
  • The dynamics of various propellers.
  • Mechanical details and parts.
  • Flying the models.

As to that last one, by repurposing an old eggbeater, you’re going to have a lot of fun….

Morgan was such an encourager of young people. His ideas and advice came from his own personal experience and experimentation. It’s catching!

Perfect time to keep ’em learning. Model Flying Machines is one great way!

Free eBook

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