Things to Do: January

Start the new year with free units, cozy books, indoor activities, and more! Visit Alaska (January 3). Travel through history with the Tree in the Trail and fly high with Seabird {free go-alongs}. Visit Connecticut (January 9). Become a better editor of your child’s writing. Learn more about Desert Storm (January 17). Snuggle up with … More Things to Do: January

16 Things to Do in November 2016

Time for family, stories, crafts, thankfulness, and Thanksgiving celebrations! Enjoy a great read about Abraham Lincoln {review & go-along activities}. Prepare for winter by making a bird feeder. Get outside with these six ways to encourage active recreation. Older students can learn the background behind the hydrogen bomb (November 1). Download these 7 free Thanksgiving … More 16 Things to Do in November 2016

16 Things to Do in June 2016

Enjoy free unit studies covering art, history, limericks, science, and geography, along with 8 free eBooks, and 14 great finds! Celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (June 2). Read through a series of favorite Robinson-Crusoe-themed books. Sail up the St. Lawrence River with Cartier (June 9). Visit Virginia (June 12). Celebrate Flag Day (June … More 16 Things to Do in June 2016