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Summer Fun Activities

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10 End-of-Summer Ideas

Summer is winding down. Celebrate the end of summer with these 10 educational and fun ideas!

Summer Fun Activity: Create Giant Bubbles

Ever wonder how bubbles get their shape? Or what makes them finally burst? Create giant bubbles and find out with this summer fun activity from Exploratorium. With dishwashing liquid (blue Dawn works best) and glycerine you can create enormous bubbles while learning: What shapes bubbles take (surface tension).How bubbles move (convection and air currents).What gives…

Summer Fun Activity: Watermelon Science

With summer coming to a close, some might enjoy a fun way to make a smooth transition back to school. Try watermelon science! These fun science experiments from the National Watermelon Promotion Board can help dust off the cobwebs while enjoying the last rays of the summer sun: Sun, Soil, and WatermelonA review of what…