Gerrymander: A Unit Study

Elbridge Gerry, who died on November 23, 1814, could have been remembered for any number of contributions to American history. He was a member of the Continental Congress, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, a member of the Constitutional Convention, a governor of Massachusetts, and vice president under James Madison. We even owe the … More Gerrymander: A Unit Study

Diabetes: A Unit Study

The story of insulin goes back to 1869, when Paul Langerhans studied the pancreas under the microscope. As he examined the organ, he noticed that it was not uniform; clumps of a unique kind of tissue were scattered throughout. Langerhans was intrigued, but puzzled. What could the clumps in the pancreas be? Paul Langerhans’s son … More Diabetes: A Unit Study

Tornadoes: A Unit Study

On the evening of May 25, 1955, an F5 tornado touched the ground near the Kansas-Oklahoma state line. As it proceeded northward, it took a northeast twist that put it on a direct collision course with the small Kansas town of Udall. Udall had been under a tornado watch that evening, but as residents watched … More Tornadoes: A Unit Study

Leap Day: A Unit Study

It happens once every four years: February 29th! The leap day of leap years — those years ending in a number divisible by four…well, sort of. The earth takes 365.24219 days to travel around the sun (equinox to equinox). It is this trip that gives us our year: 365 days each year. And then there … More Leap Day: A Unit Study

Silent Night: A Unit Study

When “Silent Night, Holy Night,” was first performed on Christmas Eve 1818, its composers probably did not anticipate that it would become one of the world’s most beloved carols. While legend has embellished some of the details of the song’s early history, in reality the story is quite simple. In 1816, a priest named Joseph … More Silent Night: A Unit Study