Free Unit: A Honey of a Unit Study

Looking for a fun summer unit?  How about investigating bees! A Honey of a Unit Study by Marybeth Whalen, originally published in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, will keep you and your children busy.

The unit includes:

  • Recommended reading list as an introduction.
  • History.
  • Science.
  • Bible.
  • Career exploration.
  • Literature.
  • Writing. 

You’ll cook with honey instead of sugar, and enjoy several “Just for Fun” activities including printables, movies, and other activities.

This unit on honey is perfect for light learning during the summer. And it is free!

Update: Some of the links in this great unit are no longer active. You’ll find suggestions for alternatives below.

Additional Resources
Magic School Bus Inside Bee Hive

The Magic School Bus Inside a Bee Hive
An easy introduction to honey!

The First Book of Bees {Free eBook}
Amazing amount of detail for an introductory look at bees!

The Story of Honey
Free booklet from the National Honey Board that covers the history of honey use.

What Do Bees See
Article from

Topical Bible.

Honey Recipes
At the National Honey Board.

Winnie-the-Pooh: A Unit Study

Winnie-the-Pooh: A Unit Study
Including our introduction to Pooh through some bees!

Free Nature Studies: The Honey Bee
Part of our free nature studies, includes background information, activities, recommended reading, and great downloads!

Free Nature Studies: Bees and Flowers (Pollination)
More from our free natures studies that covers bees and pollination.

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