Henry Ford {Free eBook}

Henry Ford was an interesting character. As an inventor/innovator he came into his own relatively later in life. He had a unique view of obstacles and a drive to find ways over them. Henry Ford: Highlights of His Life is a brief book published by the Edison Institute that covers his early years, failures, and successes.

The transition from the gas-pipe cylinder on the kitchen sink back at 58 Bagley Avenue in the 1890’s to powerful eight-cylinder engines that were turned out by the thousands each day at the largest industrial plant in the world had taken a long time to accomplish. During these decades, Henry Ford relentlessly pursued his idea—more cars for more people.

Automobiles, however, were not the only thing that interested the man who put America on wheels. He had many other ideas, some of which failed while others succeeded.

This is an illustrated and accessible read perfect for summer!

Free eBook

Additional Resources

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Henry Ford {Free eBook}

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