One Wintry Night

One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham is a beautifully illustrated picture book that you will want to add to your Christmas reading list! A young “mountain smart” boy ends up caught in a snowstorm and seeks shelter in a log home his grandpa helped build. The elderly woman who lives there welcomes him with … More One Wintry Night

Abroad {Free eBook}

Abroad, illustrated by Thomas Crane and Ellen E. Houghton, is a free picture book for young readers that will frame an early introduction to France. Published in 1880, Abroad tells the story of a family’s travels from London through a tour of France and back home. With all who choose to spare the time We’ll … More Abroad {Free eBook}

Michael Faraday: Father of Electronics {Review & Activities}

One of the best ways to approach science in the younger years is by reading biographies and experimenting. This foundation spurs a curiosity about science and keeps that interest high until the math necessary for formal science studies catches up. There are several excellent scientific biographies available, one of which is Michael Faraday: Father of … More Michael Faraday: Father of Electronics {Review & Activities}

A Book of Birds {Free eBook}

  Here is one for the younger crowd: A Book of Birds, free eBook download, illustrated by British artist Carton Moore Park. The twenty-six featured birds include those most likely to be interesting to young readers: Flamingo. Vulture. Penguin. Eagle. Heron. Chicken. Raven. Goose. Pelican. Duck. Parrot. Owl. More! The brief introduction to each bird … More A Book of Birds {Free eBook}

Popular Scientific Recreations {Free eBook}

As we have mentioned elsewhere, during the younger years, science is best kept to reading and investigation. With a healthy curiosity not dulled by constant memorization of vocabulary and testing, a student will have a strong background that will carry him through the higher sciences where higher levels of math make real scientific study possible. … More Popular Scientific Recreations {Free eBook}