Teaching Toolbox

Looking for ways to motivate your child? Need suggestions for simplifying? Would you like to add some innovative ideas to your educational mix? Take a tip from the Teaching Toolbox!


Beechick BasicsBeechick Basics
Dr. Ruth Beechick was a skilled teacher and curriculum developer who considered home the best place to learn. She also thought parents didn’t give themselves enough credit for being the best teachers!


Learning LifestyleLearning Lifestyle
We are not simply teachers, although we are certainly mentors; we are also parents — parents with the responsibility to train our children. The training of our children, in all areas of life, revolves around our lifestyle.


Learning StylesLearning Styles
Ever hit a brick wall when helping your child understand a concept? Did you take into account his learning style? Everyone has a preferred way in which they process information and learn new skills. Sometimes presenting the information in a way that agrees with your child’s learning style will help the concept become clear.


Living BooksLiving Books
No matter what homeschooling approach you settle on, your children (and you) will benefit from a good dose of twaddle-free literature. Living books can augment any area of study, even math! But rich literature can also become the core of our child’s learning experiences in history, geography and the natural sciences.


From a scrapbook to save those precious homeschooling moments to a personalized “textbook,” there are many ways to incorporate this unique method of making lasting impressions into your homeschool days.