Free Music Studies {Updated}

We have updated our free music studies that correspond to the Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians series by Thomas Tapper. This series includes a free eBook download for each composer studied, including: Bach. Beethoven. Chopin. Grieg. Haydn. Mozart. More! Including the introduction, by covering one composer each week you’ll have 13 weeks of lessons … More Free Music Studies {Updated}

A Book of Birds {Free eBook}

  Here is one for the younger crowd: A Book of Birds, free eBook download, illustrated by British artist Carton Moore Park. The twenty-six featured birds include those most likely to be interesting to young readers: Flamingo. Vulture. Penguin. Eagle. Heron. Chicken. Raven. Goose. Pelican. Duck. Parrot. Owl. More! The brief introduction to each bird … More A Book of Birds {Free eBook}

Popular Scientific Recreations {Free eBook}

As we have mentioned elsewhere, during the younger years, science is best kept to reading and investigation. With a healthy curiosity not dulled by constant memorization of vocabulary and testing, a student will have a strong background that will carry him through the higher sciences where higher levels of math make real scientific study possible. … More Popular Scientific Recreations {Free eBook}

Glimpses of Ocean Life {Free eBook}

Have a young one interested in marine biology? Enjoy Glimpses of Ocean Life by John Harper as a free download. Subtitled Rock-Pools and the Lessons They Teach, this illustrated freebie takes a look at: Marine zoology. Microscopic sea creatures. Sea anemones. Crabs. Hermit crabs. Crustaceans that cast their shells. Shrimp. Barnacles. Mussels. Jellyfish. Starfish. Sea … More Glimpses of Ocean Life {Free eBook}