Homeschool 101 {Free eBook}

Homeschool 101, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine digital supplement, includes 101 bonus pages of “handy forms, fun lesson plan ideas, copywork, lapbooking, hands-on activities, craft ideas, and more!”

Inside you will find Bonus 101 — digital supplement bonus pages beginning on page 93 — that include the following printables:

  • Homeschool requirements form.
  • Unit study brainstorming template.
  • Chronological Bible reading schedule.
  • Annual planning form.
  • Curriculum planning sheet.
  • Nature journal notebooking page.
  • Memory work record.
  • Common Latin roots chart.
  • Budget record sheet.
  • High school hours tracking log.
  • Science lab sheet.

You’ll also find:

  • Summer games.
  • Ideas for keeping teens busy over the summer.
  • Water cycle mini-unit.
  • Missionary copy work.
  • Kite mini-unit/lapbook.
  • Impressionism mini-unit.
  • Tangram and pattern block activities.
  • Virtual tour suggestions.
  • Famous composer mini-unit.
  • A great astronomy mini-unit for all ages.
  • Career exploration helps.

In addition, this nearly 200-page download is packed with general homeschooling information:

  • Questions to ask before beginning to homeschool.
  • Learning styles.
  • Special needs homeschooling.
  • Homeschool methods.
  • Writing.
  • Planning.
  • Teaching multiple ages.
  • Choosing a math curriculum.
  • Online learning.
  • Language arts.
  • Finances.
  • Homeschooling high school.
  • Teaching science.

Free Resource

  • Homeschool 101
    To download this great supplement as a PDF, click the “download” button in the upper right-hand corner. Selected pages can also be printed by using the same toolbar.

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