Presidents Day 2021 ~ Free Unit Resources

Presidents Day, February 15, 2021 We have updated our Presidents Day Holiday Helps page where we have pulled together everything you need to create a Presidents Day unit or just celebrate the holiday. Resources include: Our own lessons and units on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Coloring pages, copywork suggestions, and printables for a PresidentsContinue reading “Presidents Day 2021 ~ Free Unit Resources”

Things to Do: February 2021

We have updated our February learning calendar for 2021. This month’s “things to do” include: 13 free eBooks. 14 of our free unit studies including Groundhog Day, Presidents Day, gardening, and horses. 2 book studies. 2 activities covering onomatopoeia and measurements. 6 teaching tips including a favorite: understanding the difference between skill subjects and contentContinue reading “Things to Do: February 2021”

Thanksgiving 2020 ~ Free Resources

We have updated our Thanksgiving Holiday Helps for 2020. You’ll find all kinds of Thanksgiving resources to help you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday time of year, including: Primary resource documents. Reenactments. Videos. Interactive with teacher guide. Crafts. Hymns. Poems. 7 free Thanksgiving short story downloads. Books. Lesson plans. Units. Character study. Printables. Coloring pages. MiniContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2020 ~ Free Resources”

Hail: A Unit Study

During a thunderstorm on September 3, 1970, hail formed, creating the heaviest hailstone of the 20th century. The hailstone fell on Coffeyville, Kansas. It weighed 1.67 pounds and had a circumference of 17.5 inches. That record has now been broken, although the Coffeyville hailstone still ranks among the world’s largest. What Causes Hail? Below anContinue reading “Hail: A Unit Study”

10 Favorite Finds {2019–2020}

Ten favorite finds from the archives: 1. 100 Lapbook Templates {Free} 2. Handwriting Worksheet Creator {Free} 3. Full Electronics Course…Free! 4. 6 Winnie-the-Pooh Printables {Free} 5. Create Your Own Worksheets {Free} 6. Cloud Chart {Free} 7. Printable Paper {Featured Site} 8. My State {Free Unit Study} 9. Core Knowledge PreK–8 Book List {Free} 10. MeetContinue reading “10 Favorite Finds {2019–2020}”

4th of July 2020 {Free Unit Study}

4th of July, 2020 We have updated our 4th of July Holiday Helps page. Our unit includes an explosive soda fireworks display, a freedom kite craft, and a Disney printable. You’ll also find our regular lineup of background information, primary source documents, quizzes, crafts, recipes, activities, book recommendations, units, lesson plans, and great downloads toContinue reading “4th of July 2020 {Free Unit Study}”