Free Nature Studies: Our Wonderful World

Free Nature Studies: Our Wonderful World

Our Wonderful World by Emery Lewis Howe is a rich nature study book available for free download covering backyard neighbors, feathered friends, garden life, four-footed comrades, and the earth and its neighbors.

By covering one chapter a week, there are 32 weeks worth of lessons.

You’ll find options for downloading the free eBook, Our Wonderful World, and a free teacher’s guide on the Introduction page.


{Free Nature Studies} Our Wonderful World IntroductionIntroduction


{Free Nature Studies} Our Wonderful World Lesson I: Busy PlowmenLesson I: Busy Plowmen


{Free Nature Studies} Our Wonderful World Lesson II: Ant WorkersLesson II: Ant Workers


{Free Nature Studies} Our Wonderful World Lesson III: Ant Workers IILesson III: Ant Workers II


{Free Nature Studies} Our Wonderful World Lesson IV: Spider WeaversLesson IV: Spider Weavers


{Free Nature Studies} Our Wonderful World Lesson V: Spiders and Their NestsLesson V: Spiders and Their Nests


honey beeLesson VI: The Honey Bee


monarch butterflyLesson VII: Butterflies & Moths


closeup of birdLesson VIII: Hunting Birds With Eyes & Camera


owlLesson IX: Bird Guardians


birdhouseLesson X: Landlord to the Birds


stages of plant growing from seedLesson XI: How Plants Grow


lily closeupLesson XII: A Plant and Its Flower


rootsLesson XIII: Roots of Many Forms


lily stemsLesson XIV: Plants and Their Stems


green leafLesson XV: Green Leaf Factories


daisyLesson XVI: A Field Daisy and Its Family


beeLesson XVII: Bees and Flowers


Free Nature Studies: TreesLesson XVIII: Friendly Trees


treesLesson XIX: Fruit Trees and Forests


peas in a podLesson XX: Seed Homes


dandelion seedsLesson XXI: How Seeds Find New Homes


wheatLesson XXII: Our Daily Bread


golden retrieverLesson XXIII: Dog Companions


horse faceLesson XXIV: A Faithful Servant


beaverLesson XXV: Working Like Beavers I


beaver and damLesson XXVI: Working Like Beavers II


Free Nature Studies: Sheep and Their ShepherdsLesson XXVII: Sheep and Their Shepherds


cloudsLesson XXVIII: Skyland and Cloudland


planetsLesson XXIX: Neighbors in the Sky


rocksLesson XXX: A Story of the Rocks


icebergLesson XXXI: Water and Ice


Lesson XXXII: Counting Up: A Review