Units in Chronological Order

For those who are looking for a unit to go with the chronological time frame they are studying, below are the units we have available listed in rough chronological order.

When viewing our units in chronological order, the assigned dates may seem a bit contrived, but were selected to make our units fit our schedule and interests. You are always welcome to assign a date more fitting to your studies. (For example, assigning Columbus a date in 1492 rather than October 12, 1892, the first celebration of Columbus Day).

You can also view our units by event/date or most recently added.



March 5, 1512
Maps: A Unit StudyGerardus Mercator born (maps)


May 2, 1519
Leonardo da Vinci: A Unit StudyLeonardo da Vinci dies


April 20, 1535
Sun Dogs: A Unit Study on Light & OpticsSun dogs seen (and recorded) in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1535


June 9, 1535
Cartier's St. Lawrence River: A Unit StudyCartier discovers the St. Lawrence River


February 24, 1582
Gregorian Calendar: A Unit StudyGregorian calendar declared official by Pope Gregory XIII





May 14, 1607
Jamestown: A Unit StudyJamestown settlement established


June 20, 1632
Maryland: A Unit StudyCharter of Maryland granted


October 24, 1632
Leeuwenhoek’s Microscope: A Unit StudyAnton van Leeuwenhoek born (microscopes)


March 21, 1685
Johann Sebastian Bach born





March 16, 1751
James Madison: A Unit StudyJames Madison born


November 14, 1765
Robert Fulton born


June 12, 1766
Virginia: A Unit StudyVirgina adopts a Declaration of Rights


February 10, 1775
Tales From Shakespeare: A Unit Study {Free eBook}Charles Lamb born (Shakespeare introduction)


June 16, 1775
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: A Unit StudyU. S. Army Corps of Engineers established


June 14, 1777
Flag Day: A Unit StudyFlag Day


September 20, 1776
Delaware: A Unit StudyState Constitution of Delaware adopted and put into effect


January 9, 1788
Connecticut: A Unit StudyConnecticut became a state


January 26, 1788
Australia: A Unit StudyAustralia Day, commemorating first ship landing to colonize Australia


February 6, 1788
Massachusetts: A Unit StudyMassachusetts becomes a state


February 20, 1792
United States Postal Service: A Unit StudyPostal Service Act signed into law





April 30, 1803
The Louisiana Purchase: A Unit StudyLouisiana Purchase treaty signed


July 4, 1805
The Oregon Trail: A Unit StudyStephen Meek born (Oregon Trail)


November 15, 1806
Pike's Peak: A Unit StudyPike first sights Pike’s Peak


February 12, 1809
Abraham Lincoln: A Unit StudyAbraham Lincoln born


February 3, 1811
Go West, Young Man: A Unit StudyHorace Greeley born (westward expansion)


May 12, 1812
The Limerick: A Unit StudyEdward Lear born (limericks)


June 18, 1812
The War of 1812: A Unit StudyMadison signs declaration of war (War of 1812)


July 25, 1814
George Stephenson completes the Blucher (steam locomotives)


December 24, 1818
Silent Night: A Unit Study“Silent Night, Holy Night” first performed


March 29, 1819
Edwin Drake born (oil well)


March 15, 1820
Maine: A Unit StudyMaine became a state


March 24, 1820
Fanny Crosby born


May 5, 1821
Napoleon diesNapoleon: A Unit Study


April 14, 1828
 Webster’s American Dictionary: A Unit StudyAmerican Dictionary of the English Language completed by Webster


October 3, 1830
George Brayton born (internal combustion engine)


June 30, 1834
The Creation of Indian Territory: A Unit StudyIndian Intercourse Act passed creating Indian Territory


December 17, 1843
Dickens' A Christmas Carol: A Unit StudyDickens’ A Christmas Carol published


May 22, 1844
Mary Cassatt: A Unit Study Mary Cassatt born


September 4, 1846
Chicago World's Fair: A Unit StudyDaniel Burnham born (Chicago World’s Fair)


May 30, 1854
Nebraska: A Unit StudyTerritory of Nebraska established by the Kansas-Nebraska act


April 3, 1860
The Pony Express: A Unit StudyThe beginning of the Pony Express


September 7, 1860
 Grandma Moses: A Unit StudyGrandma Moses born


January 29, 1861
Kansas: A Unit StudyKansas becomes a state


May 16, 1861
Irving Washington Colburn born (glass)


March 26,  1863
West Virginia: A Unit StudyWest Virginia ratifies a new state constitution


May 26, 1864
Territory of Montana createdMontana: A Unit Study


July 5, 1865
The Secret Service: A Unit StudyThe Secret Service created


February 7, 1867
Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Unit StudyLaura Ingalls Wilder born (Little House on the Prairie series)


February 17, 1867
The Suez Canal: A Unit StudyFirst ship makes transit of the Suez Canal


March 6, 1869
The periodic table of elements presented to the worldThe Periodic Table: A Unit Study


May 10, 1869
The Transcontinental Railroad: A Unit StudyGolden Spike ceremony for the first transcontinental railroad


April 11, 1875
German astronomer Samuel Heinrich Schwabe died (solar cycles)


April 26, 1875
John James Audubon born (birds)


March 10, 1876
Alexander Graham Bell transmitted first words over a telephone


June 25, 1876
The Battle of Little Bighorn


January 27,  1880
Edison’s Incandescent Light Bulb: A Unit StudyIncandescent light bulb patented by Thomas Edison


January 18, 1882
Winnie-the-Pooh: A Unit StudyA. A. Milne born (Winnie-the-Pooh)


May 8, 1884
Harry S. Truman bornHarry S. Truman: A Unit Study


September 5, 1885
First gas pump sold (gasoline)


February 2, 1887
Groundhog Day: A Unit StudyFirst Groundhog Day procession to Gobbler’s Knob


March 31, 1889
Eiffel Tower dedicated


April 22, 1889
First Oklahoma land rush


November 20, 1889
The Telescope: A Unit StudyEdwin Hubble born (telescopes)


April 23, 1891
Peter and the Wolf: A Unit StudySergei Prokofiev born (Peter and the Wolf)


October 12, 1892
Columbus Day: A Unit StudyFirst official Columbus Day celebrated


July 13, 1897
Marconi's Wireless Telegraphy: A Unit StudyMarconi receives U.S. Patent for wireless telegraphy


April 21, 1898
Spanish-American war


July 11, 1899
E.B. White born





October 23, 1903
Crayola Crayons: A Unit StudyFirst Crayola crayon sold


April 18, 1906
Great San Fransisco earthquake


October 20, 1906
The Vacuum Tube: A Unit StudyFirst triode vacuum tube demonstrated


May 19, 1910
 Halley’s Comet: A Comets Unit StudyEarth passes through the tail of Halley’s comet


September 17, 1911
Constitution Day: A Unit StudyFirst Constitution Day observed


March 7, 1912
Amundsen announced he had reached the South Pole


June 28, 1914
How WWI Began: A Unit StudyThe Beginning of World War I


December 4, 1918
France: A Unit StudyWoodrow Wilson sets sail for France (France)


July 27, 1921
Diabetes: A Unit StudyInsulin first extracted as a treatment for diabetes


March 3, 1925
Mt. Rushmore Memorial Commission authorized


October 17, 1933
Einstein: A Unit StudyEinstein arrives in the United States


July 17, 1938
Wrong-Way Corrigan: A Compass Unit Study“Wrong Way” Corrigan takes off … in the wrong direction (compasses)


August 9, 1944
Smokey Bear: A Unit Study on Fire & Fire SafetySmokey Bear created (fire & fire safety)


August 22, 1944
Nazi SS attempt to capture the Bayeux Tapestry


September 18, 1947
The CIA: A Unit StudyCIA established


April 28, 1952
Treaty of San Fransisco ends World War II


November 1, 1952
 The Hydrogen Bomb: A Unit StudyFirst hydrogen bomb detonated


June 2, 1953
The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II: A Unit StudyQueen Elizabeth II coronation


April 7, 1954
Domino Theory articulated in a speech by Eisenhower


May 25, 1955
F5 tornado touches down in Udall, Kansas (Tornadoes)


March 17, 1958
First Vanguard satellite launched


January 3, 1959
Alaska: A Unit StudyAlaska became a state


August 7, 1959
Coinage: A Unit Study on Money and CoinsLincoln Memorial penny goes into circulation (coinage)


January 23, 1960
The Ocean: A Unit StudyTrieste sets record manned ocean descent (the ocean)


July 20, 1969
The First Moon Landing: A Unit StudyMen first land on the moon


March 3, 1973
First Iditarod


January 17, 1991
Desert Storm: A Unit StudyOperation Desert Storm began


September 19, 1995
Orville Redenbacher dies (popcorn)





August 8, 2003
World’s biggest jackfruit harvested (fruits & veggies)




Units not listed chronologically

Free Music Studies: Child's Own Book of Great MusiciansChild’s Own Book of Great Musicians (music studies)


Cedric the Forester {Free eBook} or Knights & Castles Unit StudyCedric the Forester (book study/knights and castles)


The Fox and the Grapes: A Mini Unit StudyFox and the Grapes


Gardening: A Unit StudyGardening


Free Science Studies: Great Inventors & Their InventionsGreat Inventors and Their Inventions (science studies)


The Horse: A Unit StudyThe Horse


Book Study: The Little Red Hen {Free eBook}Little Red Hen (book study)


Presidential Elections: A Unit StudyPresidential election


Free Nature Studies: Our Wonderful WorldOur Wonderful World (nature studies)


The spring equinox


Free History Studies: Stories of Great AmericansStories of Great Americans (history studies)