27 Free Nature Study eBooks

We are always on the lookout for useful books that are in the public domain, and as a result, we have gathered quite an assortment of free eBooks that are suitable for nature study. Some are guides, some present information in story form, and still others are more textbook in design. Whatever your personal interest, you won’t have a hard time finding a great fit!

To make it easier, below you’ll find some of our favorites (along with reviews and in some cases additional resources):

General Resources

“Look About You” Nature Books {Free eBooks}
Series of three books for younger readers that takes a look at nature including plants, birds, insects, mammals, and more.

Common Objects of the Microscope {Free eBook}
The objects are mostly from nature, including plants, insects, fungi, and more.


Nature Study & Gardening by George W. Carver {Free eBook}
Interesting look at how to garden from a master gardener.

Stories of Luther Burbank and His Plant School {Free eBook}
Great biography of a man very interested in wildflowers!

The First Book of Plants {Free eBook}
The books in the First Book series are amazingly complete introductions. Includes illustrations of plants with different types of roots, stems, fruit, and more.

The First Book of Trees {Free eBook}
Another in the First Book series covering identification, classification, and anatomy of trees.

Nature Study Made Easy {Free eBook}
A favorite on plants with lessons presented in story form including narration and labs.

Field Book of Western Wild Flowers {Free eBook}
Identification book that includes classification.

Introduction to Botany {Free eBook}
All about plants, including classification, illustrations, and review questions.


A Book of Birds {Free eBook}
Picture book for the youngest.

Burgess Bird Book {Free eBook & Activities}
Told in story form, this a children’s favorite!

The Children’s Book of Birds {Free eBook}
Identification, anatomy, and more for younger readers.

Fifty Birds of Town and City {Free eBook}
Beautiful full-color identification guide from the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Bird World: A Bird Book For Children {Free eBook}
A favorite covering various species and their identifying characteristics.

First Book of Birds {Free eBook}
The books in the First Book series are amazingly complete introductions. Covers anatomy, eggs, nests, migration, and lots more!

Bird Houses Boys Can Build {Free eBook}
Birdhouse construction plans, placement, food areas, birdbaths, and more.


My Book of Ten Fishes {Free eBook}
Colorful picture book for the youngest.

Wilderness Babies {Free eBook}
Introduction to mammals for younger readers.

Christian Liberty Nature Readers 1 & 2 {Free}
Beginning readers that cover animals.

Butterflies {Free Download}
Very complete but accessible study.

The First Book of Bees {Free eBook}
The books in the First Book series are amazingly complete introductions. Includes helpful illustrations and diagrams.

Elementary Study of Insects {Free eBook}
Introductory guide to entomology that includes narration ideas, observation instructions, and discussion questions.

Young Collector’s Handbook of Ants, Bees, Etc. {Free Bug eBook}
With a focus on identifying, collecting, and classifying.

Tracks and Tracking {Free eBook}
Illustrated guide showing how to identify common animals in your neck of the woods.

The Sea Shore {Free eBook}
Illustrated guide for exploring the fauna (and flora) around the sea.

Glimpses of Ocean Life {Free eBook}
Marine zoology is the focus. Suitable for older students.


Cloud Studies {Free eBook}
Great resource covering the classification and identification of clouds.

Additional Resources

10 Ideas for Nature Study
What to do for those who would like more help.

Other nature resources

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