Free State Unit Studies

Free State Unit StudiesOur own free state unit studies, each with background information, map labeling suggestions, general state information, state facts, recipes, book suggestions, unit study and lesson plan ideas, notebooking helps and printables, and loads of other resources.

Don’t see your state?  Use one of the ones below to create your own or visit our state resources page.


Alaska: A Mini Unit StudyAlaska


Connecticut: A Mini Unit StudyConnecticut


Delaware: A Mini Unit StudyDelaware


Kansas: A Unit StudyKansas


Maine: A Mini Unit StudyMaine


Maryland: A Mini Unit StudyMaryland


Massachusetts: A Mini Unit StudyMassachusetts


Montana: A Mini Unit StudyMontana


Nebraska: A Mini Unit StudyNebraska


Nevada: A Mini Unit StudyNevada


Virginia: A Unit StudyVirginia


West Virginia: A Unit StudyWest Virginia