Nature Stories to Tell to Children ~ Free eBook

Nature Stories to Tell to Children by H. Waddingham Seers was published in 1918 as an introduction to familiar plants and animals particularly for those children who live in the city.

The best way to know plants and animals is, of course, to become acquainted with them at first hand, but the would-be naturalist if he lives in a town has often to wait his opportunity for this, and there are others whose interest in the world of Nature is still waiting to be aroused, so that in any case an introduction through the story is not to be despised. It is with the idea of furnishing some answers to the endless ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of the child whose interest is already awake, and of revealing to the one who is indifferent the fact that there is a world of wonders around him, that this little book of Nature Stories to Tell to Children has been written.

Through these stories we meet:

  • Long-nose the moose.
  • The silk spinners.
  • Her Majesty the Queen-wasp.
  • Baby Bruin the bear.
  • Master Reynard the fox.
  • Little ploughmen.
  • The swallows.
  • Bushy-tail the squirrel.
  • And many more.

The book looks at those creatures of the sea, underground, ponds, forests, night, and other places and seasons to introduce the characters of nature. Truly a living book that will delight most listeners of this perfect family read aloud!

Free eBook

  • There are 24 stories. Read one each week for nature study for the younger years.
  • Ask younger listeners to retell the story in their own words.
  • If you feel like adding more, then enjoy investigating each creature during the remainder of the week. You’ll find help in our free Nature Studies or in the Nature section of our site.
  • Use Drawing and Writing paper to for copywork, narrations, and/or illustrations for each story.

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