North American Wildflowers {Free eBook}

North American Wild Flowers is a free public domain work covering thirty wildflowers found in North America. Originally published under the title Canadian Wild Flowers, the author noted that the wildflowers mentioned have a much wider geographical range.

The book is beautifully illustrated with paintings by Agnes Fitz Gibbon. These plates can be traced or printed in color and added to a notebook.

Each flower description begins with a line or two of poetry. The flower information is provided by Catharine Parr Traill and includes:

  • The common name.
  • The scientific name.
  • Where the flower can be found.
  • Seasons during which you will find it.
  • The various ways the flower will appear depending on the season.
  • Other relevant information.

This is a gorgeous book to enjoy as a family!

What a garland of loveliness has nature woven for man’s admiration, and yet, comparatively speaking, how few appreciate the beauties thus lavishly bestowed upon them?

…[T]he Wild Flowers have deeper meanings and graver teachings than the learned books of classical lore so much prized by the scholar, if he will but receive them.

They shew him the parental care of a beneficent God for the winged creatures of the air, and for the sustenance of the beasts of the field. They point to the better life, the resurrection from the darkness of the grave. They are emblems of man’s beauty and of his frailty. They lead us by flowery paths from earth to heaven, where the flowers fade not away. Shall we then coldly disregard the flowers that our God has made so wondrously fair, to beautify the earth we live on?

  • There are thirty wildflowers covered. Enjoy studying one each week.
  • Alternatively, study two wildflowers each week during the spring season.
  • Copy the wildflower studied into the notebook.
  • Draw, illustrate, or paste the flower.
  • See if you can find one where you live.

Mothers of America teach your little ones to love the Wild Flowers and they will love the soil on which they grew, and in all their wanderings through the world their hearts will turn back with loving reverence to the land of their birth, to that dear home endeared to their hearts by the remembrance of the flowers that they plucked and wove for their brows in their happy hours of gladsome childhood.

Free eBook:

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