Nature Readers: Seaside and Wayside Book 2

Many readers will be familiar with Nature Readers: Seaside and Wayside Book 1 which the Christian Liberty Nature Readers series republished as their Book 2. Julia McNair Wright wrote four books in her nature reader series. Book 2 covers:

  • Ants.
  • Earthworms.
  • House flies.
  • Beetles.
  • Barnacles.
  • Jellyfish.
  • Starfish.
  • Dragonflies.

Beginning where her first book left off, Book 2 is directed to the younger reader. The lessons do build one upon the other and lessons in the second book do refer back to principles learned in the first book.

There are review questions for each section in the back of the book. As a sampling:

  • Tell me about the dragon-fly’s wonderful eyes.
  • Is the dragon-fly an eater or a drinker?
  • Where does the dragon-fly live while egg, larva, and pupa?
  • How do the eggs get into the water?
  • Tell me about the dragon-fly pupa.
  • Tell me about the queer mouth of the larva.
  • Tell me how he catches his food.

These questions can easily be used for oral narrations. See our other suggestions below.

In this book we shall wander together a little farther, by the seaside and by the wayside. Sometimes we shall walk on the breezy hills; sometimes in the low, marshy places, where ferns and rushes grow.

Sometimes we shall stroll along the wayside path, where the wild-flowers and grasses are woven into a wreath.

Sometimes we shall go to the hard, white sand, where the ocean waves roll to our feet, and bring us shells and curious treasure from the sea. Again, we shall go down to the still ponds, where lilies float on the water and dragon-flies swim in the air.

Wherever we go, let us keep our eyes open and our minds awake to the lessons of Nature. Then we shall be able to learn what beauty and wisdom lie hid, even in such humble things as flies and worms. We shall find much to delight us in beetles; and be as happy as kings while we search out the secrets of airy hunters and marvellous little fishes.

Nature Readers: Seaside and Wayside Book 2

Great book that provides an entire year of nature studies for the younger student. And free!

Free eBook
  • There are 45 lessons. These can easily be covered in one year with room for holidays. Or if you need something that fits the standard school year cover two lessons in each week.
  • The book is written to the younger reader. Depending on the age and ability of your student, the book can be read independently.
  • Ask for oral narrations after each reading. You can divide the questions in the back in this way or ask just a few of the questions at the end of a section. (Asking all of the questions at one time will probably be overwhelming for students at this level.)
  • An alternate way to use the questions is simply to ask your students to tell you what they read. Then review the questions yourself to cover any topics left out of the narration.
  • Create a nature notebook with sections for each species covered. There are many illustrations that can be printed or sketched for the notebook. Have your student then copy the main point for copywork. For example:

Another of the water-beetles makes a little silk bag, packs it full of eggs, and glues it to the under side of a leaf of some water-plant.

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