The Scripture Alphabet of Animals ~ Free eBook

The Scripture Alphabet of Animals was written by Harriet Newell Cook and published by the American Tract Society in 1842. The book covers 33 animals found in the Bible — at least one for every letter of the alphabet excepting X, Y, and Z:

I do not find the names of any animals mentioned in the Bible, beginning with X, Y, or Z. If you can find one, I should like to know it. And now I hope that whenever you see the names of any of these animals in your Bible, you will take pleasure in noticing what is said about them, and will remember what I have told you. I have been very happy in talking to you about them.

Animals covered include:

For each animal, reference is made to where in the Bible the animal is found. A brief description is given, including where they are found, what they eat, and their habits.

This book makes a suitable introduction to a variety of animals for young children.

  • There are 33 animals. Cover one animal per week if you want to fit the book into a normal school year.
  • Create an animal notebook. Ask your child to design a cover for the notebook.
  • Read each lesson out loud. Ask for a narration of what was read. What can your child tell you about the animal? What else would he/she like to know about it? (Help your children find answers to their questions.)
  • For each animal use Drawing and Writing Paper to copy the appropriate Bible verse.
  • Illustrate the page with either a drawing or a copy of the animal. (Illustrations of some animals are included in the PDF version of the book below. We have included links to other options in the resources below.)
Free eBook

Additional Resources

Links to suitable illustrations of the animals covered (hosted by the Florida Institute for Instructional Technology):

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