A Year in the Wonderland of Trees ~ Free eBook

A Year in the Wonderland of Trees by Francis B. Atkinson is an excellent addition to our free nature studies!

Atkinson (writing as Hallam Hawksworth) explains what to look for in the world of trees each month, September through August!

If we assume — as, of course, we do assume — that the public schools are for the public good, it is hard to imagine anything more necessary than the general appreciation and understanding of the beauty and usefulness of tree life and its vital relation to the national welfare.

I have been asked to include a book on this subject in the “Hawksworth” science series and, in the exercise of this high privilege of citizenship, have prepared the present volume. My endeavor has been to interest both the future citizen, who is now in school, and his parents; and, mindful of school conditions, so to present the matter that the use of the book as a text will not mean the addition of a new study, but give direction and emphasis to studies already in the curriculum — Civics, Agriculture, and Botany. The opportunities for correlation with Arithmetic, History, and Geography are also obvious and inviting. And since, in its economic phases, Forestry is, after all, merely a matter of good business practice, the study of it and its related commercial activities is particularly well calculated to give a grasp of the comparatively few, but immensely important, principles underlying the successful management of all business affairs, public and private.

Within the scope of the book, the author seeks to impress upon young people :

  • The importance of trees.
  • The danger of outdoor fires.
  • The price of carelessness and ignorance.
  • The importance of fire prevention and forest development.
  • Appreciation for the shade and beauty of trees.
  • Help in the identification of trees.

Interestingly, he suggests the book be used as a family read aloud — something most who educate at home will find easy to accomplish.

Atkinson takes the idea that to identify trees it is helpful to access information by the shape of leaves. With that in mind he has grouped identification materials by similar leaf shapes.

The book begins in September “when the leaves begin to turn.” Within each month’s chapter there is a great deal covered! The following is only a sample:

  • The good leaves do.
  • Where the leaves get their autumn coloring.
  • Shapes of leaves.
  • “The banking business” of squirrels.
  • Miracle of the seed.
  • Anatomy of trees.
  • A-B-C geography of trees (where types tend to grow).
  • Gifts of the pine family (and other trees).
  • Hidden treasures on the woodlot.
  • Wood rings.
  • In the gymnasium of the winds: The athleticism of trees.
  • How a tree drinks.
  • Blooms and flowers.
  • Tree doctoring.
  • Forest fires.
  • Lumbering.

A few of the descriptions above will give you an idea of the writing style of the author. Perfect for reading aloud!

Free eBook

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