Homeschool Guides

Step-By-Step Guide to Homeschooling

Everything from making that initial decision to teaching concepts, you’ll find help here!

Still on the Fence? {Homeschooling Issues}

Sometimes taking that first step is the hardest. What roadblocks have kept you from making the decision to educate your children at home? Trust that these roadblocks will be removed. Finally, prayerfully, read on. Hopefully,…

Teaching Toolbox

Take a tip from the Teaching Toolbox! Innovative ideas to add to your educational mix.

Helps for New Homeschoolers Series

Helps for New Homeschoolers: Thoughts — encouragement, pitfalls, and areas of focus — for those just starting out, from one finishing up.

How-To Guide

Need help covering a subject? Teaching a concept? Looking for a fresh perspective? Let us help you practice the art of educating at home!