Migration of Birds ~ Free eBook

Migration of Birds is an excellent resource if you are following our free Nest & Eggs book study!

Originally written by Frederick Lincoln in 1935 as part of the Fish and Wildlife Service, Migration of Birds was updated in 1979 by Steven Peterson.

Lincoln’s original intent was to present to the American public a summary of the facts on bird migration as they existed in the early 1930’s. He wrote with a style that made the topic fascinating to the young and old, to the educated and uninformed, and to the ardent observer as well as the backyard watcher. An attempt has been made to retain this style, while incorporating material from often highly technical research efforts. Much of the content and organization of the original publication has been maintained, but new sections were added to incorporate recent concepts and techniques. Other concepts, known to be inconsistent with present knowledge, have been deleted. Because graphics are of utmost importance in this type of publication, most of the original figures were preserved and, where appropriate, new illustrations have been added.

Migration of Birds

This is an amazing resource for its size, covering a wide range of topics, including:

  • Ways to study migration.
  • Times of year birds migrate.
  • Time of day birds migrate.
  • Speeds of flight.
  • Altitude of flight.
  • Influence of weather.
  • Influence of topography.
  • Principle routes of migration.

Also included are dozens of charts showing the migration routes of various birds.

In the back is a list of birds mentioned along with their common and scientific names. The list would make a great checklist!

A very complete bibliography is provided for those who wish to pursue the topic further.

Migration of Birds is a complete text on the topic of bird migration. We have added this resource to the Bird Guardian portion of our free nature studies.

Free eBook

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The Bird Study Book ~ Free eBook
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