Floral Illustrations of the Seasons ~ Free eBook

Floral Illustrations of the Seasons ~ Free eBook

Beautiful illustrations of garden flowers as they bloom throughout the seasons.
Floral Illustrations of the Seasons ~ Free eBook

Just in time for spring, here is a unique book written in 1829. Floral Illustrations of the Seasons by Margaret Roscoe is a book she hopes will:

prove a useful and correct guide to their tastes, both in their selection for a flower garden, and as objects for their pencil.

As such, the bulk of the book is beautiful illustrations of flowers commonly found in gardens as they would bloom throughout the seasons.

Forty-eight plates illustrate flowers beginning in spring with the crocus to winter and the yellow sternbergia (commonly called fall daffodil, autumn crocus, or lily-of-the-field).

Although the author lived long ago in England, these beautiful illustrations can be the inspiration for creating a flower garden with varieties common to your own area (when necessary), as well as opportunities to practice nature journaling and drawing skills.

Portions of the brief descriptions of each flower and its background or origin can be used for copywork.

But the best use of a book like this is inspiration for students to create their own beautifully and personally illustrated flower notebook.

There is no pursuit which fills the mind with more noble and exalted sentiments than the study of these works of Nature:—wherever we turn our attention, we shall discover in them ample lessons of instruction and delight; in the structure of every plant, we shall find the most exact symmetry, and the most perfect contrivance—and the more minutely we examine, the more decided traces we discern of that Power

“Who planned, and built, and still upholds a world
So clothed with beauty.”

Free eBook

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