Bird Biographies {Free eBook}

Bird Biographies by Alice E. Ball is a unique guidebook to 150 birds commonly found in the United States. Subtitled, A Guide-Book for Beginners: An Introduction to 150 Common Land Birds of the Eastern United States, this free eBook, is more poetic in nature than others we commonly encounter. As such, most families will find it a perfect fit!

The birds are introduced in order of arrival (winter, early spring, later spring) and accompanied by 56 color plates. Though the book covers “land birds of the Eastern United States,” most of the birds are common in most areas.

Birds covered include:

  • Blue jay.
  • Cardinal.
  • Bob white.
  • Robin.
  • Bluebird.
  • Phoebe.
  • Red-winged blackbird.
  • Whippoorwill.
  • Oriels.
  • Goldfinch.
  • Sparrows.
  • Swallows.
  • Dozens of others!

Facts are listed for each bird, including:

  • Size.
  • Appearance.
  • Song.
  • Habitat.
  • Nest.
  • Range.

Then follows an illustration and description of the character of the bird. The author frequently quotes other sources.

It has been my purpose to give, not only a portrait and a description of the birds I have chosen for this volume, but a summing up of the beneficial and injurious habits of each, gained from the highest authorities obtainable. The book is intended for beginners, or for those who long to know birds intimately and intelligently, and wish to belong to the great army of bird-students who are “doing their bit” to preserve the bird-life of our country.

An index in the back makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Perfect addition to any bird studies. And it is free!

Free eBook

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