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If you are using our free nature study series, Our Wonderful World, you may appreciate this book on honey bees. The Honey Bee: Its Nature, Homes, and Products by William H. Harris was published in 1884 by the London Religious Tract Society. This free eBook covers everything you need to know about honey bees. It also has over 80 illustrations — perfect for notebooking!

To appreciate this book, it may be helpful to remember when it was published. Some statements may seem a bit strange to us….

In these days of intense business-pressure, it is a good thing for men to cultivate hobbies. We say this, notwithstanding the fact that men with hobbies are likely to become bores, from thinking and talking too incessantly of their pet occupations, or are apt to run into extravagant expenditure of time and money, which could be better utilised.


Nor would we be understood to limit our recommendation of bee-keeping to men alone. It is an occupation eminently suited to women. It has none of the manifest drawbacks of poultry or rabbit-rearing. The needs of the hives are usually not so pressing as to involve a disregard of weather or important engagements. Many operations in apiculture call for female dexterity of hand and finger. It is true that a little courage, in which few ladies are deficient, is necessary in making a beginning of skilful bee-management. But, duly protected by veil and gloves, even the timid need have no fear of being stung or seriously incommoded.

Just so you understand in advance what you may come across.

Yet, the information and illustrations are so good, that anyone with an interest in honey bees can benefit from using the book. Topics covered include:

  • Bees in history.
  • Classification.
  • Distinguishing characteristics and functions of queens, drones, and workers.
  • Products from bees (honey, mead, wax).
  • Anatomy.
  • Diseases.
  • Enemies.
  • Hives and making bee housing.
  • Swarms.
  • Rearing queens.
  • Feeding.
  • Wintering.
  • Treating bee stings.
  • Bees and flowers.
  • Profits in beekeeping.

There are 28 chapters. This book could comprise a complete science course for one or two semesters, depending on time and interest.

Or, it would make a perfect reference for the bee portions of our free nature studies.


Free eBook

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