Young Folks' Nature Field Book ~ Free eBook

Young Folks’ Nature Field Book by J. Alden Loring is a free eBook in the public domain. Arranged with nature readings for every calendar day in a year, it is a perfect addition to your nature studies!

This little book was written for the lover of outdoor life who has neither the time nor the patience to study natural history. There are many persons who are anxious to learn the common animals and flowers, their haunts and their habits, that they may enjoy Nature when they visit her. If they will take a minute each day to read the entry for that date, or if they will carry the book with them on their strolls into the country and while resting turn its pages, it may prove the means of discovering in fur or feather or flowering bud something before unknown to them.

Young Folks' Nature Field Book ~ Free eBook

The readings for each day are very short and approachable.

The nature field book information provided includes:

  • Feeding birds.
  • Types of insects to look for and where to find them.
  • Bird songs.
  • Life cycle of an insect.
  • Identifying trees by leaf.
  • Flowers that attract bees.
  • How animals defend themselves.
  • Black-and-white illustrations.

Beautiful book that will keep you interested in nature all year long! Perfect for the DIY Homeschool Mom!

Free eBook

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