Massachusetts: A Unit Study

On February 6, 1788, Massachusetts became the 6th state to enter the Union.

Massachusetts History

Massachusetts can claim some of the richest history of any state in the United States.  The first noted explorer of the area was Bartholomew Gosnold in 1602 in the English ship Concord, 18 years before the Pilgrims landed.  It was Gosnold who gave Cape Cod its name after “taking in a great store of codfish,” according to the diary of one of his companions.

Massachusetts: A Unit Study

The Pilgrims settled in Plymouth Colony in 1620, battling a harsh winter that first year that killed over half of them.  The Massachusetts Bay Company brought more settlers, emigrants that settled Salem and then Boston.  Massachusetts troops fought off the French and the Indians, and then the state became quite prosperous trading fish, lumber, and other products with the West Indies.  British attempts to control trade ultimately led to the Revolutionary War and the shot heard round the world at Concord, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence by Massachusetts resident John Hancock.

John Adams largely wrote the draft of the constitution for the state of Massachusetts. The draft, adopted in 1780, made the state the first to abolish slavery.  The United States Constitution was ratified by the state on February 6, 1788, and Massachusetts became a part of the United States.

Massachusetts Geography

A series of bays open to the entire eastern border of Massachusetts, hence its nickname “The Bay State.”  The state is bordered by New York on the west, Vermont and New Hampshire on the north, and Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south.  Massachusetts is the third most populated state in the Union and the seventh smallest in size.

The state can be divided into three main geographic regions.  The western and central uplands consisting of mountains, hills, and valleys cover more than half of the state. The name Massachusetts is an Indian word that can be translated “place of the great hill.”  The upland region is home to the Connecticut River, the largest river in New England. The seaboard region with its rocky shorelines and harbors is smoother than the upland region with less farmable land and is the most densely populated.  Finally, the coastal plain region is home to the Cape Cod peninsula and other islands thought to be formed by glacial deposits such as Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Massachusetts is known for its frequent changes in weather.  The nor’easters that result from the convergence of cold, dry air from the north and warm, moist air from the south can quickly drop a foot or more of snow.  Winter is the longest season with temperatures hovering around freezing, followed by a short spring and warm summer with the temperature on average around 80 degrees.

Massachusetts Economy

By the early 1900s Massachusetts was primarily an industrial state, and the recession after World War I hit the textile industry extremely hard.  Today the manufactured goods consist primarily of machinery and electronic equipment, the economy depending largely on the service industry, along with some agricultural and mining products.

Interesting Massachusetts Facts

Many famous people have made Massachusetts their home:

  • Label the following on a map of Massachusetts (see Notebooking Pages below):
    • Boston (state capital)
    • Springfield
    • Cape Cod
    • Lexington
    • Connecticut River
    • Bordering states
    • Atlantic Ocean

Further Investigation

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