Things to Do: August

Finish up summer with some summer-fun experiments and units, nature walks, good reads, and good food — while gathering up resources for the new year ahead!

  1. Feel the heat.
  2. Looking for a good book? Check our our DIY Homeschooler Reading Lists!
  3. Experiment with watermelons.
  4. As you look ahead to next year, consider these Benefits of Home Education (and what to do next)!
  5. Learn more about our dollars and cents and the U.S. Mint (free unit study) {August 7}.
  6. Build a sunspot viewer.
  7. Take a stroll through Grammar-land (free eBook, activities, and notebooking pages).
  8. Tell a story.
  9. Explore the farm.
  10. Eat your fruits and veggies (free unit study) {August 8}.
  11. Or use them for noun or adjective exploration!
  12. Enjoy blueberries with Sal {free book activities}.
  13. If you are planning to use living books, you’ll want these 6 tips for getting the most out of your literature-based studies.
  14. Start a nature journal {free notebooking pages}.
  15. Learn about fires and fire safety with Smokey Bear {August 9}.
  16. Take Teddy to the beach.
  17. Teach your children to appreciate music…the easy way!
  18. Catch a butterfly (free eBook).
  19. Enjoy these poems (and associated activities) from our Online Poetry Anthology:
  20. Explore the Bayeux Tapestry (free unit study) {August 22}.
  21. Follow directions.
  22. Carry a big stick.
  23. Teaching a child to read this coming year? Use Noah Webster’s Reading Handbook.
  24. And while you are at it, enjoy these 10 Free Read Alouds for the pre-K to 2 group.
  25. Travel to Egypt and investigate the Rosetta Stone {August 24}.
  26. Last-minute books to buy? Borrow these 7 tips for choosing materials.
  27. Download these free eBooks {and go-alongs!}:
  28. Create a Good Times book (free eBook).
  29. Be ready to build a writer.
  30. Wrap up your summer with a photographic collage.
  31. Or one of these 10 End-of-Summer Ideas!
  32. Start working your schedule by utilizing these 6 tips.
  33. Speaking of scheduling, plan to learn during car trips!
  34. Use these 15 Ways to Improve Concentration to help make the transition from summer to focused!
  35. Make use of these great finds:

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Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month

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