Country Study {Free Unit Study}

Most students will study at least one country in depth. Often these studies are used to develop research and writing skills. If you are looking for an easy way to dive into any country, you might enjoy this free country study unit study from Karen Caroe.

This hands-on unit is designed to take approximately 6 weeks and includes language arts, practical math, history, science, physical geography, and more, and culminates in a country notebook!

We have added some updated resources below to help make your trip easier.

Happy traveling!

General Resources

The World Factbook
Rather than contact embassies, you’ll find a great deal of information about any country at this CIA site.

World Culture Encyclopedia
You’ll find more about the customs and culture of each country here.

Holidays and Observances Around the World
Meanwhile, you’ll find more about what holidays your country of interest celebrates at

Flags of the World
From the CIA World Factbook.

Portable Atlas (PAT) {Featured Site}
Great printable maps.

Language Arts
All Through the Ages

All Through the Ages
Includes historical fiction arranged by geographic location. Read our full review.

Activity: Collect Vocabulary
Resources for keeping a vocabulary list as suggested in the unit.

Interactive Writing Tool {Free}
Create a travel brochure using this interactive printing press.

Applied Math

Country Currency reference includes photos of various notes.

World Time Zone Map
For reference or printing.


Book of Centuries {Free Blank Timeline}
For creating a timeline as suggested in the unit.

Interactive Timeline Maker {Free}
Or go the digital route.

Physical Geography/Science

Country Research Report Template ~ Free
Great set of notebooking pages to record information.

Social Studies
Activity: Compare & Contrast

Activity: Compare & Contrast
Tools for comparing the government of the country of choice to the U.S. government.

Teaching With God’s Heart for the World
Free unit study that covers the world with a missions focus.

Other Activities

List of National Anthems
Many with audio at Wikipedia.

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