What Type of Learner Do You Have

People learn things in different ways. Some learn by watching demonstrations. Some learn better with diagrams and charts. Still others learn best by getting in there and doing something. By understanding how our students learn best, we can present new concepts in a more effective way. The first thing you’ll want to do is determineContinue reading “What Type of Learner Do You Have”

Step-by-Step Guide to Homeschooling {Updated}

Our Step-by-Step Guide was the first thing we published back in 2001 when we started our original HomeHearts site. The guide has been frequently updated, but the principles really haven’t changed. If you are new to homeschooling, take a look. If you have been at this a while, you might find some fresh inspiration! StepContinue reading “Step-by-Step Guide to Homeschooling {Updated}”

Things to Do: August

Finish up summer with some summer-fun experiments and units, nature walks, good reads, and good food — while gathering up resources for the new year ahead! Feel the heat. Experiment with watermelons. As you look ahead to next year, consider these Benefits of Home Education (and what to do next)! Learn more about our dollarsContinue reading “Things to Do: August”

The Well-Trained Mind {Review}

Jessie Wise taught three children at home from elementary school through high school; all three completed college degrees and two also completed graduate degrees — including Susan Wise Bauer. Drawing on their combined teaching, homeschool, and educational experiences, they have coauthored The Well-Trained Mind, now in its fourth edition. The authors begin by providing aContinue reading “The Well-Trained Mind {Review}”

A Twaddle-Free Education ~ Review

Back in our early days of homeschooling, when the Internet was still getting off the ground, one of the first sources I found for information on Charlotte Mason was Deborah Taylor-Hough. Granted, every Charlotte Mason “expert” has her own bent — and granted, we learn more about Charlotte Mason by reading her in her ownContinue reading “A Twaddle-Free Education ~ Review”

Arithmetic for Young Children {Free eBook}

How do we learn most things? By doing them. Then when we have that experience under our belts and have a familiarity with them, we are ready to “talk” about them. So it is with math. Before we can discuss abstract operations such as “addition” and “multiplication,” we need to have a hands-on experience withContinue reading “Arithmetic for Young Children {Free eBook}”

Drawing for Beginners {Free eBook}

Drawing for Beginners by Dorothy Furniss is surprisingly robust for a beginner’s drawing book. After a few pages devoted to technical hints (principles of drawing with various mediums), the book jumps right into the subject at hand, suggesting a sampling of simple things to draw, and walks the reader through the process of drawing them.Continue reading “Drawing for Beginners {Free eBook}”

Learn to Write the Novel Way: A Review

Carole Thaxton, co-author of KONOS Curriculum, has discovered an excellent way to encourage our children to write! Intelligent students are not excited about grammar drills UNLESS they see their meaning within the whole.  In other words, the ingredients are not what make writing so exciting…Imagine your child writing a novel, a good novel, a novelContinue reading “Learn to Write the Novel Way: A Review”

Review: Who Should We Then Read?

Digging into the literature available and mining out the gems for our children is a never-ending and daunting task for the DIY Homeschooler.  That is why we treasure those “Books About Books” that make our job easier. Who Should We Then Read? by Jan Bloom is one of these useful guides. The purpose of thisContinue reading “Review: Who Should We Then Read?”