Johann Sebastian Bach ~ Free eBook

A wonderful biography that is a perfect fit to our Bach unit study! Johann Sebastian Bach is part of the Life Stories for Young People Series written in the early 1900s.

Translated from the German, the stories had the following mission:

For parents who feel disposed to give their children books that provide a mild element of historical information, as well as first-class entertainment, the little books will prove a veritable find.

The “life-stories” retain the story form throughout, and embody in each chapter a stirring event in the life of the hero or the action of the time. The dramatis personæ are actual characters, and the facts in the main are historically correct. They are therefore both entertaining and instructive, and present biography in its most attractive form for the young.

As such, you will find this title a living book that will complement any study of Bach.

  • Create a Bach notebook (or if you are studying more than one composer, create a composer notebook).
  • Use narration to recap after reading each chapter.
  • There are several geographical locations referenced in the book. Locate them on a map and include the map in the notebook.
  • Learn more about Bach in our Free Music Studies series.
  • Listen to Bach. (You’ll find more listening resources in the link above.)
  • Older students can write a character sketch.
Free eBook
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