Things to Do: December

Our December learning calendar features favorite Christmas reads and resources including unit studies, music, crafts, free eBooks, and more!

  1. Spend time with one of our 12 Favorite Christmas Read-Aloud Books.
  2. Enjoy these 7 free writing lessons for December from our book, Write Something Every Day.
  3. Read a poem, play, essay, or short story each day from Our American Holidays: Christmas {Free eBook}.
  4. Try one of these 20 fun holiday activities.
  5. Learn more about your favorite Christmas carols!
  6. Have fun with a Christmas Cookie Advent!
  7. Need some gift ideas for students? Maybe you’ll find one of these 25 Gift Ideas for Students helpful.
  8. You may also appreciate these very simple gift ideas for children.
  9. Visit France (December 4).
  10. Enjoy Dickens Christmas Carol unit study — one of our favorites, featuring copywork, grammar, writing, and tons of resources!
  11. And while you are at it, download this free Enriched Classics version of A Christmas Carol.
  12. Travel through the Florida Everglades (December 7).
  13. Enjoy “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” (and activities).
  14. Follow it up with “The Night After Christmas”!
  15. Read this free eBook to help your children learn, “There is nothing like kindness to change enemies into friends.”
  16. Share a laugh!
  17. Explore the world of physics.
  18. Whether to fuel high-energy pursuits or simply a family on the run, bake a bread that provides lots of go!
  19. Have fun with the Grinch and learn:

    Maybe Christmas…doesn’t come from a store.
    Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!

  20. Read one of our favorite Christmas family read-alouds.
  21. Learn more about “Silent Night, Holy Night,” first performed on Christmas Eve 1818 {free unit study}.
  22. Gift your favorite homeschool mom a kitchen gadget!
  23. Snuggle up and read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”
  24. You may also enjoy our free ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas copywork set.
  25. Travel around the world — in 80 days (December 22)!
  26. Step it up a notch by reading one of these 5 books over the holidays.
  27. Enjoy the 12 days of Christmas (December 25 to January 5) with our 12 Days of Christmas activities!
  28. Get ready to garden!
  29. Provide your child with a non-generic education.
  30. Learn how people see the same events differently.
  31. Enjoy one of these free eBooks (and activities):
  32. In advance of the holidays, find out how much sleep your children need!
  33. Celebrate Christmas with one of these great finds:

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Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month


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