Birth of Christ Lapbook {Free}

The Birth of Christ Lapbook is a free 10-page download from Veritas Press.

Lap books are great projects that can be used to help students see a book, topic or event in a whole new way. The purpose of this lap book is to see the Birth of Christ from a new perspective.

The lapbook begins with a timeline that can be assembled.

It then goes on to cover a few Christmas symbols:

  • Angels
    What do they really look like? Write a description based on selected referenced Scriptures.
  • Presents
    What gifts did Jesus receive? What do we know about them?
  • Stars
    Research the selected Scriptures and write on each star provided the reference to a prophecy about Jesus.
  • Carols
    Copy a “Christmas carol” from Luke.

The lapbook also includes a chart for comparing the births of Moses and Christ. Beautiful artwork is provided in both black/white and color.

This beautiful Christmas addition also makes a nice supplement for this free unit study covering the symbols of Christmas.

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