10 Kitchen Gift Gadgets

Looking for a special gift for your favorite homeschool mom? Here are 10 kitchen gift gadgets — tried-and-true timesavers around our own kitchen:

1. Garlic Peeler
Such a simple concept — but such a time- and frustration-saver!


2. V-Slicer
Sliced veggies in a flash! Just don’t put the pieces in the dishwasher for longer wear.

3. OXO Swivel Peeler
You don’t know how much you miss something until your husband destroys it on rather rough sweet potatoes.

Apple Pealer

4. Apple Peeler/Corer
The only way to make apple pie. These things last forever!

5. OXO Whistling Tea Kettle
Love the sound and the fact that the lid doesn’t fall off when you pour!

Egg Slicer

6. Egg Slicer
Egg salad? No problem! And not just for eggs. Hand wash only.

7. Stainless Mesh Hand Strainer
Great for rinsing fruits and veggies or draining small pasta portions. Size is just right for fitting across the sink.

Donut Pan

8. Nonstick Donut Pan
Donuts without the guilt — great snack!

9. Stainless Water Bottle
Good for long days of outside activity. But we also purchase a different color for each family member, fill with filtered tap water, and save the daily cost of bottled water! Vacuum insulated to keep things cold (or hot, as the case may be).

Adjustable Tablespoon

10. Adjustable Tablespoon
Dirty just one measure! With this metal version the numbers don’t wear off after use.

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