20 Fun Holiday Activities

It’s that time of year! Christmas joy and celebrations. Here are 20 fun holiday activities to enjoy with your family:

  1. Make a tree-shaped photo collage by including family members that can’t attend the celebration.
  2. Play Christmas charades.
  3. Make a special Christmas treat.
  4. Gather your favorite Christmas titles and put them in a basket next to the couch.
  5. Listen to a Christmas concert … online.
  6. Grab your favorite Christmas recipes and turn them into Christmas greeting cards.
  7. Have a family gift-wrap session with your favorite Christmas music playing in the background.
  8. Enjoy a favorite Christmas movie.
  9. Work through an Advent Calendar.
  10. Hold a Christmas scavenger hunt.
  11. Read a Christmas classic each day from December 1 through December 24.
  12. Play a Christmas trivia game.
  13. Take a festive Christmas photo to create memories.
  14. Drive through the neighborhood admiring the Christmas lights.
  15. Recite a poem or short story each day from December 1 through December 24.
  16. Put out a Christmas-themed jigsaw in a general location for everyone to work through.
  17. Learn how to say “Merry Christmas” in a variety of languages.
  18. Practice your grammar skills on a Christmas mad-lib.
  19. Sing along with a family Christmas karaoke.
  20. Make Christmas cookies together.

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