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We love old books, and the fact that they are free makes it even better! One of these old gems is Aunt Amy by Francis Forrester.

Aunt Amy continues the story of Minne Brown, “the gentle girl” — a child who, though not perfect, is learning to be Christlike:

She had a lovely spirit, a mild temper, and an obliging disposition. Minnie appeared to love every one. She was never angry, unkind, or rebellious. She almost always wore a pleasant smile on her rosy lips; a light of loving tenderness generally shone in her soft blue eyes. She always spoke in a gentle voice.

Minnie Brown by Francis Forrester

Now, I know that there are those among us who are going to be completely turned off by such a description as is found in the first book. But don’t let that keep you from giving the second book a try.

Children — all children, even those who are educated at home — are predisposed to think of self. Aunt Amy is a book that demonstrates what thinking of others can look like.

In Aunt Amy, Minnie’s aunt comes to town. Minnie and her aunt go visiting, and Minnie learns numerous lessons as she watches this dear woman serve others.

Great for the littlest ones learning to judge not, to put others first, and to be a light.

Who knows but that we may be as sunbeams to a dark and desolate spirit?…

Sunbeams are bright, cheerful things…. They scatter clouds and darkness, clothe nature with beauty, and fill the world with light and joy….

There is nothing like kindness to change enemies into friends. It melts away their enmity when they see us returning their evil with good.

Aunt Amy by Francis Forrester

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