Advent Calendar Unit and Activities {Free}

We have so enjoyed The Teaching Mom’s Advent Calendar throughout the years. True, this interactive calendar has not been updated since 2008! So please understand this calendar no longer operates like it used to — many years the dates do not match the current December calendar and many of the links are no longer active.

Nevertheless, it remains a favorite! Much of the information is fine just as it sits. So let me explain how to still use this archived resource. Determine the date the first day of Advent is for the current year and begin Day 1 on that day.

Then, at the top of the page provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, you’ll want to simply type the number of the day you are on in the provided url:


If you find this confusing, another way to enjoy this site is simply to do an activity each day for the 25 days of December — no matter what day they may fall on.

Despite its age, there is more than enough to do on each day of the Advent calendar! To give you an idea of all that is provided, each day includes:

  • Advent candle activity.
  • Bible verses for study.
  • Jesse Tree verse and symbol.
  • Article or devotion.
  • Discussion idea.
  • Word to know.
  • Book suggestions.
  • Art appreciation.
  • Christmas carol.
  • Holiday tradition and history.
  • Christmas around the world.
  • Coloring pages, cooking, and crafts.
  • Christmas fun.
  • Movie recommendation.

As with most things, not every activity or suggestion will be right for your family. No problem, there is plenty to do! So pick and choose what fits you.

If nothing else, you’ll pick up great ideas to create your own special Christmas studies, traditions, and activities this holiday season. Perfect for the DIY Homeschool mom!

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