6 Gift Ideas for Children

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for your children? Have your heart set on giving meaningful and useful gifts? Gifts with more staying power than the few minutes after the wrapping paper is thrown away? Maybe one of these 6 gift ideas for children will spark your creativity!

1. Think tools instead of toys.

There are always tools young people can use in learning and everyday living. For example:

  • Low-end digital cameras.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Craft supplies.
  • A stapler.
  • Electronic dictionary.
  • Fishing tackle.
  • Desktop publishing software.
  • Journals.
  • Binders.
  • Special paper.

The list is endless!

25 Gift Ideas for Students25 Christmas Gift Ideas for Students
More examples.



2. Books.

This is sort of obvious for most homeschool families. Book gifts can include:

  • Special books from the family book list.
  • Another book in a favorite series.
  • A special version of a literary favorite.
  • A how-to book on your child’s latest interest.
  • Classics that will remain with his own personal library.


3. Feed an interest.

Whether your child’s current interest is bugs, horses, rockets, dolls, birds, poultry, or stamp collecting, a gift of books, kits, and supplies at Christmas will encourage him to keep learning.

Ideas for many interests and hobbies can be found in the crafts and life skills resources at our site. You’ll also find a great selection of resources at our favorite science suppliers.


4. Time.

For many families the holiday season becomes a rush from one event to another, and long days where the family gets to bed much later than usual. Sometimes our children get lost in the shuffle.

By deliberately setting aside special family time to enjoy a Christmas movie, drink hot chocolate, play board games, or simply enjoy each other’s company, you can share the season by giving the gift of your time.

To make this gift even more special, print out a coupon your child can redeem for together-time when the two of you can share his favorite activity.


5. A family gift that blesses others.

Giving the gift of giving as a family at Christmas will be a loving reminder to your children of what the season is really about. There are many charities that have special drives at Christmastime. You can also bless a local family in need.


6. Special memento.

Give your children a special keepsake that reflects their individual talents, interests, and personalities.

The memento can be handmade or store-bought.

It can be:

  • An ornament for the tree.
  • A cherished Christmas decoration.
  • A permanent addition to their room’s decor.

A thoughtful keepsake lets them know how special they are to you!

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