Summer Fun Activity: Build Paper Boats

Ready for a summer fun activity for the entire family? Build paper boats! Besides being just plain fun, participants can learn a little math, practice their arts and crafts skills, and enjoy races and water fun.

There are a variety of ways to build a paper boat. There are also materials to consider. How long do you want your boat to be able to stay on the water? Better think of a water-resistant material or a waterproofing method.

  • Spend some time designing and building your boat. You’ll find helps below.
  • You’ll want to decorate your boat to make it unique.
  • Your boat will need a name.
  • Set a time and day to take the boats to the water for evaluation and races (all lighthearted, of course).
  • Celebrate with a paper-boat-themed party wrap-up!

Additional Resources

Make Your Own Newspaper Boat
Curious George version from PBS for the younger crowd.

Paper Boat
Step-by-step instructions including a little math brush-up.

Paper Boats
More instructions.

The Amazing Book of Paper Boats

The Amazing Book of Paper Boats: 18 Boats to Fold and Float by Jerry Roberts
We thoroughly enjoyed the paper plane version. This one looks great, too.

Paper Craft: Ships
Print, fold, voilà! From Canon.

The Captain’s Shirt
An old tale that goes with folding a paper boat (.doc).

The Rainhat
Another version of the story.

Grilled Banana Boats
Another fun way to celebrate!

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