Summer Fun Activity: Make a Wind Chime

Here is a summer fun activity that can not only be fun, but also useful, educational, and creative! Make a wind chime!

Making a wind chime can be as easy as grabbing a wire coat hanger and some string and tying objects on at different lengths to create unique sounds. But it can also be as complicated as your imagination and as original as your creativity!

  • Learn more about sound.
  • Start your wind chime building experience with a scavenger hunt. What type of items will make the best sound?
  • Use this opportunity to learn more about wind.
  • Build a themed wind chime: articles from nature, household items, outdoor treasures, etc.

Additional Resources

12 DIY Wind Chimes
Ideas from Bob Vila.

Wind Chimes
Simple ideas at PBS Zoom to get you started.

Wind Chime Crafts for Kids
Lots of different ideas at

Sound Craft: Wind Chimes
Great experiment from Janice VanCleave that will help you with the educational part if you are so motivated!

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