Summer Fun Activity: Radar & Weather Together

Radar & Weather Together is a 71-page illustrated download from the National Center for Atmospheric Research full of educational (and fun!) resources — “Engaging Hands-on Activities for Students” — and makes a perfect summer fun activity to keep ’em learning!

The booklet contains 21 hands-on activities from five different categories:

  • Light and the electromagnetic light spectrum.
  • Tornado detection radar.
  • Sun, weather, and convection.
  • Barometric pressure.
  • Severe weather.

Each activity includes a description of what the student should be observing, a list of helpful web resources, how long each activity should take, and the materials you’ll need. There are also questions the student should consider and assessment ideas.

Some of the things the students will do include:

  • Create and observe wavelengths.
  • Read Doppler and weather-related maps.
  • Figure out how far away a storm is.
  • Observe lightning formation.
  • Create a vortex.
  • Make several models.
  • Much more.

You’ll also find information covering the history of radar, a printable timeline of radar history, terms to know, weather safety checklists, a cloud viewer, and several great printables!

This is a well-designed and engaging download with a variety of uses that will help make summer learning fun. And it’s free!

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