Summer Fun Activity: Roll-A-Challenge

Here is a fun summer activity from Roll-A-Challenge!

Cut out the three dice on the printable download — “Use,” “Make,” and “That Will” — and tape them together. Gather the supplies listed on the “Use” dice. And you’re ready to go!

By rolling the three die, kids will have over 200 different challenge combinations. For example, the challenge could be:

  • Use Popsickle sticks to make a mousetrap that will dance.
  • Use rubber bands to make a musical instrument that will break into four pieces.
  • Use paper plates to make a boat that will fly.

Simple way to keep ’em learning! And free!

  • Once your children have completed several challenges, have them create their own “Use,” “Make,” and “That Will” dice by scouting around for items that they have handy and plugging in their imaginations!
  • Create a completely different set of dice. These could be nature-, language arts-, science-, or history-themed.

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