Birding Resources

As we wrap up our Free Bird Studies: Nests and Eggs series, you might enjoy taking a look at the resources we used to round out our studies.

Our bird study series uses Nests and Eggs of Birds of the United States by Thomas G. Gentry as a spine to provide a unique look at nests and eggs of birds in their natural setting. We covered 50 birds. Whether you use this series or not, there are many benefits to the study of birds! As Olivia Thorne Miller explains:

…what is needed at first is not the science of ornithology, — however diluted, — but some account of the life and habits, to arouse sympathy and interest in the living bird, neither as a target nor as a producer of eggs, but as a fellow-creature whose acquaintance it would be pleasant to make.

The Children’s Book of Birds

Most of the books we focused on were those that explained the life and habits of the birds. Where possible, stories of the birds, such as those in the Burgess Bird Book, were found to be the most approachable introduction to birds for younger readers.

Introduction to Our Bird Friends
Particularly useful for the brief, identifying descriptions.

Bird Biographies
Great for reading aloud to younger children.

The Children’s Book of Birds
We used this to round out a few things when other resources were scanty.

The Burgess Bird Book
Of course, this one was invaluable. It is a standard on our reading list. The link above will also take you to the public domain pictures, which make a nice addition to a bird notebook.

An Introduction to the Birds of Pennsylvania
This one came in handy several times. We have not previously covered it; but depending on where you live, you might find it useful.

Free Bird Notebooking Page
This is from The Bird Study Book. Highly recommended!

Fifty Favorite Birds Coloring Book

Fifty Favorite Birds Coloring Book
Dover Nature Coloring Book based on Fifty Birds of Town and City by Bob Hines. Includes many of the birds in our study.

Other Bird Resources You Might Find Helpful

Fifty Birds of Town and City
Rather surprised we didn’t end up using this one more.

First Book of Birds
Very helpful for younger bird enthusiasts.

Audubon: A Unit Study

Audubon: A Unit Study
When you are ready for more!

One favorite is the bird sections from our free nature studies:

Over the years we have amassed quite a collection of birding resources. You’ll find them all here.

Finally, we have been asked if there is an easier way to use these resources other than clicking through on each bird. While we work on something that might fit that bill, we have listed the free notebooking pages that go along with the series below for easier access.

These are simple pages specific to the featured bird. (If you are looking for more generic notebooking pages, check our our free Nature Journal Notebooking Sets.)

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