Introduction to Our Bird Friends ~ Free eBookIntroduction to Our Bird Friends is an excellent free bird guidebook covering common birds found in the United States.

The season of the year will in some cases determine what birds are in your area. Color is important in identifying species. Look carefully at the silhouette or shape; is it slender or chunky, is the tail short or long? Compare its size with a bird with which you are more familiar. Habitat is important, too. One learns to look for Red-winged Blackbirds in wet marshes; for a meadowlark in pastures and fields. Behavior is a clue. Does it walk or hop; does it soar, does it walk headfirst down a tree, as is the habit of the nuthatch, or scratch among leaves like the towhee? Listen to the bird’s song and call note. With a little experience, distinctive songs may be identified. Each bird has its characteristic song.

The authors recommend keeping a log of the birds you see by date, type, and number.
Each bird description includes:

  • Common name.
  • Scientific name.
  • Black-and-white silhouette of the bird.
  • General description.
  • Where the bird can be found and when.
  • Description of the song.

There are four lines of verse accompanying each bird to help remember the description. An index in the back provides the months when you can usually see the bird.
This title comes in two volumes containing 50 birds in each. The images are perfect for making a bird notebook.

Free eBook


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