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  • Homeschooling: Taking the Road Less Traveled

    Homeschooling: Taking the Road Less Traveled

    Dear children, We’re taking the road less traveled. Here’s why. This time of year typically finds a new group of families considering homeschooling their children for the first time. Along with wondering how it works (is it even legal?) and where you find books, they typically also have a variety of concerns: cost, academic quality,…

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  • 10 Reasons Why You are Your Child’s Best Teacher

    10 Reasons Why You are Your Child’s Best Teacher

    You don’t have to worry about school reform, specialized training, educational psychology, classroom management, or a host of other burdens teachers today face. You can simply teach your own child. The best form of education is individualized one-on-one tutoring. That is what we do when we educate our children at home. Because you are your…

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  • “The Socialization Deception”

    “The Socialization Deception”

    So much has been written about the “socialization” question.  In fact, with homeschooling becoming far more accepted over the past several years than it was when many pioneers began in the ’80s, the socialization question has been largely laid to rest. Yes, children who have been educated at home generally fit just fine into society…

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  • “How Homeschooling Has Benefited My Life”

    “How Homeschooling Has Benefited My Life”

    “How has homeschooling benefited my life?” I prefer to ask, “How hasn’t homeschooling benefited my life?”

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