As a mother (and especially a mother who educates her children at home), I know I cannot give my children what I do not possess. I have to become a homeschooled mom. I cannot expect my children to:

  • Eat their veggies if they see me pushing my greens off to the side of my plate.
  • Enjoy interacting with nature if I stay holed up inside.
  • Enjoy a lifetime of reading if they never see me pick up a book.
  • See their projects through to completion if I have a dozen half-finished efforts laying in wait.
  • Persevere when they see me consistently give up.
  • Do great things when I rarely get anything done.
  • Do all things without grumbling and complaining if I grumble and complain throughout the day.
  • Faithfully spend time reading their Bibles if I’m “too busy this morning” each morning.
  • Have a fruitful prayer life when they never see me pray.
  • Extend grace to others if I’m always pointing out motes and tripping over beams
  • Be sensitive to others’ needs if they see me walking by on the other side.

You see, of course, what this means. I have a lot to learn! I must be and stay a homeschooled mom:

  • Always learning and growing, so that I will have something to share with my children.
  • Not pushing them from behind, but learning myself so that I can lead.

This is the biggest key to successful homeschooling, the concept that affects every area of what goes on in our homes — the attitudes, the atmosphere, what is learned (or not), the depth of the relationships with each other and our Lord, the growth and the accomplishments.

The key to successful homeschooling isn’t found in the perfect curriculum, the right schedule, the best outside activities, the perfect planner, the method to end all methods or that really terrific seminar speaker. The key to successful homeschooling is found in being a homeschooled mom.

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